I am so sorry. I've spent so much time hating you. I think I was hiding behind that hatred to protect you. You didn't deserve everything that happened to you, but look what it's turned you into.

How brave are you! Look at what you did for yourself.

You saved yourself.

You saved us.

Thank you for taking the pain.

For keeping it for us.

So much hurt inside of you. The rage. The blindness. The empathy for your abusers.

Do you even realize how much strength it takes to feel love for the people who destroyed you?

Look at you.

Your glory.

Your crown.


Look at you.

Look At Me.

I am you, and you are me.

Because of us,

We are saved.

Look at US.

We are safe.



Dex Jones

Your voice matters. Use it to vote.

I don’t usually post about politics, but tonight seems like the most important night to do so.

This week I’ve seen too many people “preparing” for doomsday election night.

I’ve seen businesses boarding up.

I’ve seen protest plans.

I’ve seen threats to LGBTQ+.

I’ve seen threats to BLM…